Emerald Landscaping’s history has been an exciting one.  We started from humble beginnings in 1997 when our owner was in college, founding a landscaping company to help finance his business degree.  Customers were impressed by his service and hard work with only a small crew.  With his enterprise and academic business acumen, our owner applied the principles he learned in school to grow the company, soon expanding into governmental and commercial markets in addition to his loyal residential clientele.

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Emerald Landscaping was incorporated in 1998 and since then we have increased our operations, with a full fleet of trucks, equipment, and seasoned landscape professionals.  Our team members come with an average of ten years of experience and are carefully vetted and selected, with the care and expertise to match.  We also work with an established network of high-quality vendors and retailers to supply only the best material.  Like an established landscape, Emerald Landscaping continues to grow every day from the support of our customers and team.  We have since become a major provider, offering residential and commercial landscape services throughout the Washington, DC, metropolitan area.  Today we offer industry-leading landscape and hardscape services, providing the best quality work at the greatest value.