Have snow forecast? Emerald is on the job!

Have snow forecast? Emerald is on the job!

Snow looks all nice and white and shimmering. Until you have to shovel it. We here at Emerald Landscaping have you covered (or maybe, uncovered!). We have full crews out day and night to eliminate snow and ice for both our commercial and residential sites.

When it comes to snow removal, we take things seriously. Our crews are on call to come remove snow as soon as snow begins to accumulate, equipped with salt and other ice-melt chemicals. If you are anticipating a snow storm, we are likely already dispatching our crews!

Here are a few tips as we begin to get into the chilly season…

Mind your deicers

Rock salt can potentially damage asphalts and other payments. Make sure to check the quality of your deicers. Sometimes Calcium or potassium chloride work well. From salts to ice melts, Emerald only uses the best materials.

Check the weather

Generally within 24 hours the forecast can provide an accurate estimation on what to expect for snow. If snow seems to be accumulating, check the weather before clearing because it may be a flurry. Otherwise, it is often easier to clear snow in a storm before it builds up.

And as always, feel free to give us a call if you need help with your icing needs! When Jack Frost comes knocking, you can trust Emerald to be there to keep your pathways clear.