How Often Does Your Bethesda, Maryland, Lawn Need to Be Fertilized?

residential-landscape-maintenance-rockville-mdHow Often Does Your Bethesda, Maryland, Lawn Need to Be Fertilized?

January 9, 2016

Like any living thing, a lawn needs nourishment in order to survive and thrive. Plants gain energy from sunlight, and they need a healthy amount of water, both of which come fairly regularly through natural processes in the Washington, DC, area.

However, nutrients in the soil get depleted as your Bethesda lawn consumes them. Once the nutrients disappear, the grass begins to starve and turn brown. That’s why grounds maintenance is so important when it comes to applying fertilizer.

Lawn Maintenance and Grounds Maintenance through Four Seasons
At the end of winter / beginning of spring, lawns are growing and hungry. Lawns are likely getting plenty of water, sunlight, and warmth at this point, but they need fertilizing maintenance. If a lawn is growing, or about to grow, it needs to eat. It needs fertilization.

At the end of spring / beginning of summer, your Bethesda, MD, lawn is kicking into full gear. The faster it grows, the more fertilizer needs to be applied through your lawn maintenance program. And since weeds are also growing rapidly at this time, it’s helpful if your grounds maintenance fertilizer product includes weed control protection.
In the middle of summer, lawns need an extra energy boost. The grass has been growing for many months. It has been taking in a lot of summer heat and been run, played, and stepped upon. It may also be suffering from the many insects out at this time of year. Lawn fertilization during summer is essential to the health of your Bethesda, Maryland, lawn. If your lawn maintenance program includes insect control protection, so much the better.
In fall, your Bethesda grounds will benefit from cooler temperatures, and the lawn will begin to prepare itself for winter. This is the most important time to provide fertilizer lawn care, because the grass needs nutrients to strengthen its roots. This will ensure that next year’s lawn comes up strong, healthy, thick and green.

Why Choose Emerald for Your Fertilization Lawn Care Needs?
Emerald Landscaping Corporation is one of the highest rated grounds maintenance companies in the Bethesda, MD, area. We specialize in lawn maintenance and lawn care, always applying the proper type and amount of fertilizer at the proper time. Trust Emerald to care for your Bethesda, Maryland, lawn.